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bud+pizzaBudweiser is great. Pizza is better. But, what truly makes this sign sing is that “N”. That subtle, “Fuck You.” to those willing to scoff at the ultimate calorie combo. That “N” might as well be a bald eagle, bazooka and a set of swinging tits, because this sign came to party.

Found in small town Illinois.

R1-01048-0011Gang’s all here.

R1-01051-0025My new pal Will and a living shadow.

R1-01050-0011Surfs up.

R1-01048-0012I don’t always shoot film, but when I do, I never bother to edit.


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When you live in the dark heart of the “Poler Vortex” and winter drags on forever, a trip to the Cali’ coast is nothing short of incredible. Even if the water is poison, soiled by the slow decay of Fukushima runoff. But so what, death is inevitable and if you believe everything you read we’re all in for one hell of a cosmic nightmare. So, check out these pictures. Visit those pristine beaches. Jump in the water. Ride a dolphin. Hell, kill a shark with your bare hands if it makes you feel alive. All I know is that any trip with Ray Gordon, Magda Wosinska, Scott Toepfer, Jon Mehring, Dave England and my new bud Will Mayer is a privileged and special experience.

Gear, gear, gear. What photographer doesn’t sweat his weapon of choice? “Do I use film? Do I like the look of digital? Full frame vs something smaller, less noticeable?” Blah, blah, blah, what an unholy waste of time. My advice? Pop into Walgreens, grab some disposables and run into the night.

R1-01054-022AMy friend Zak’s birthday. He was seated. I stood in the cold. That’s what friends are for. 

R1-01054-021AClub kids 2014. Dude in the back circa ’98.


R1-01054-016AThere’s a place called Wasabi. Look it up.

R1-01054-015ADJ COOL HAND LUKE just moved to Berlin.

R1-01054-014AScott, keeping his cool as usual.




R1-08061-0013R1-08061-0014R1-08061-0015My old apartment was a gem. Great neighborhood. Close to work. Fun as all hell. The door was the perfect backdrop for any friendly photo shoot, and the neighbors left me alone to hoot and holler long into the night. But, the water was poison, the heater was on it’s last breath and the rent was just insane. More of these will keep popping up, but for now I’d like to thank Scott, Zak and Mary for participating in my life.